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Brand Marketing and Consulting Services for SMBs

Atomic Otter’s brand marketing services can transform your brand identity with expert rebranding strategies and brand recovery solutions for brands that need a little, or a lot of help. Because everyone deserves a second chance.

Brand Strategy

We create, plan, and manage communication strategies to support how you represent your company both internally and externally through actions, words, and tone, all wrapped into one succinct little bundle of brand identity.


We help companies effectively reposition themselves and improve their image in the wake of major change and negative brand sentiment by creating a new identity in the eyes of consumers,  investors, and stakeholders by developing a new name, slogan, logo, and marketing assets.

Brand Recovery

Everyone makes mistakes. We have a unique ability to reimagine and reshape consumer confidence and public sentiment of brands tarnished by neglect, product issues, bad actors, or brand antiquation that no longer serves the organization.

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Your brand is not just a logo.

Your brand is the personality of your organization. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and makes you unique. But when was the last time you took a good look at your brand? Does it still reflect your purpose and vision?

Branding is the core of a successful business. A good brand has a unique identity that tells a story about what you do and how your product solves problems. It’s like a company playbook for all aspects of internal and external communications.

In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for your brand to stand out and get recognized. Good branding is consistent and creates value through trust, recognizability, and loyalty. It attracts talent, creates warm leads, and brings repeat customers.

Does your brand have what it takes to succeed? If not, give us a shout.



Brand Nerds for life

We help create and reimagine brands by bringing their identities to life through storytelling and design that reflects their personalities.

Whether you’re a fresh company in need of a brand, or your brand is tarnished and needs some TLC, or you want an exciting new look, we can help.

While we love traditional brand work, our true passions are Rebranding and Brand Recovery, or “second chance branding” as we call it. We all make mistakes. (Ask me about my school picture in 6th grade.)

When it comes to your brand, Atomic Otter can help right the ship. Because every brand deserves a second chance.


Branding Services

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is the framework for how you present your business to the world, and includes your story, mission, vision, and voice, to name a few.

Brand Recovery
We help companies rebuild their reputation from brand damage, by rebuilding customer trust and consumer confidence after crises.
Tagline development

Want to stand out? A memorable tagline can help. Your tagline, or slogan, is a brief phrase used to create a lasting impression of your brand with consumers as it highlights your company’s overall brand.


Rebranding includes everything from designing a new logo and visual identity to crafting messaging and positioning that truly reflects your brand’s unique personality.

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Brand Style Guide

A professional brand guide will keep your marketing and comms streamlined, accurate, and on-brand throughout your organization.  Create brand consistency with the ultimate brand bible, gathering brand rules, logos, typography, color palettes,  logos, and more in one place  for all to reference.

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Brand Consulting

Get expert advice and strategic guidance for overcoming growth and performance challenges related to your brand. We have the unique ability to reimagine brands and reshape brand perception.

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