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We help small & medium businesses (SMBs) better understand their customers, and design marketing campaigns to reach them.


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How we can help…

Strategic marketing Consulting

Our marketing strategies are roadmaps that define your long-term goals and how to achieve them through marketing. They include market analysis, competitive analysis, and target audience profiles, which are key components of business success.

Digital Marketing Consulting

At Atomic Otter, we can create effective marketing programs, strategies, and campaigns around the unique needs of your business. We offer unbiased marketing advice and solutions to help small businesses with limited marketing resources compete and grow.

Brand Consulting

We’re passionate about brands, and bring a unique perspective to brand challenges. Having a fresh set of eyes allows us to assess problems and provide unbiased guidance & strategic solutions for brand hurdles like crisis management, reputation damage, brand antiquation, and more.

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Advisory Services

Do you need a new marketing strategy, but have marketing people who can execute tactics? If so, our Advisory services might be right for you. In an advisory role, we analyze your existing marketing programs, and build strategies for improved marketing performance and growth, then  your team executes, saving you money.  We can even manage implementation.


What do marketing consultants do?

Marketing consultants are experts in their field who specialize in providing guidance and advice on marketing-related issues. They help businesses develop marketing strategies, identify target audiences, and create marketing campaigns. Moreover, marketing consultants conduct market research to help businesses understand their customers better. Atomic Otter’s marketing consultancy helps small businesses improve their marketing efforts and reach more customers.

How marketing Consultants can help


Atomic Otter Consulting helps small businesses and startups position themselves for long-term success. When you work with us, you’ll gain access to the expertise and resources you need to develop and implement effective marketing strategies. We can help you identify your target audience, develop messaging that resonates with them, and execute marketing tactics that drive results.

Our marketing consulting services include:

Market Research
Marketing Consulting
Competitive Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Target Audience Selection
Persona Creation
Brand Communications
Marketing Plan Creation
Inbound Strategy
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When to call in a marketing consultant

Hiring a consultant can be a game-changer for your business. Consultants are experienced professionals who bring solid expertise and fresh perspectives to help solve business problems.

Companies work with consultants for all sorts of reasons. Sound advice, strategic direction, and better marketing performance are just a few.

So, how do you know when it’s time to bring in the help you deserve?


Stagnant Company Growth

Outdated Marketing Strategy


Not meeting Company Goals

Lagging behind the competition

Unclear customer profiles


Recent merger

No extensive marketing plan

Your Brand is in Trouble

Need a boost? Let’s get you growing! 

Ryanne is a seasoned marketing executive who has a unique talent for building comprehensive marketing programs from the ground up. Her expertise extends from driving marketing strategy and planning to assembling highly effective marketing teams and implementing cutting-edge marketing technology, automation, and advertising initiatives.

Ryanne’s unwavering dedication shines through in her programs, and her ardent commitment to brand development and demand generation has consistently resulted in remarkable year-over-year increases in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

Paul Dougherty

Global Senior Growth & Digital Marketing Manager

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