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Atomic Otter creates and delivers full-service, automated email marketing campaigns, nurtures, and flows to your customers for you.

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Email Marketing Consulting

Atomic Otter’s email marketing services help companies grow revenue and increase market share by creating, automating, and delivering expertly crafted and highly personalized email marketing campaigns and flows that build lasting customer relationships and lead to repeat business.

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Email marketing strategy

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HTML Template design

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Segmentation and personalization

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Email Automation

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A/B and Multivariate Testing

Why email marketing? Glad you asked.

For starters, it’s the most effective inbound marketing strategy there is. Email is all about connecting with people and starting conversations that build lasting relationships, which makes it a marketing channel people trust and prefer. And with the highest return on investment, it’s also the most profitable.

What’s more, brands prefer email over other channels because it gives them control of the narrative.

boosts website traffic

GEts social shares

Tells Your Story

Builds Customer loyalty

Creates Brand Trust

And there’s this

It Pays for itself

Email yields a staggering 4400% Return on Investment.

That means for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $43 back on average. That’s the highest return on investment of any other marketing channel out there. 


It's incredibly effective

87% of SMBs use email as their primary acquisition channel Email marketing is effective. Customers prefer it and brands depend on it. This, in part, is why nearly 90% of Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) use email to acquire customers.

It beats out Social Media

80% of marketers would prefer to drop social media for email marketing. Although social media is popular, B2B marketers agree its benefits don’t stack up to those of email marketing, like trust, relationship building, and repeat business.

It isn't slowing Down

By 2025 the number of daily email users will hit 4.6 BILLION worldwide. And it grows at a steady 3% increase year after year. Additionally, emails sent and received in 2025 will reach 391 billion. That’s a lot of emails. And a whole lot of opportunity.

Ryanne is a marketing force. Moreover, she is an absolute joy to work with….Her breadth of marketing expertise and strong leadership qualities combined to form a team that felt collaborative, strategy-driven, and prepared to tackle any project. I always felt appreciated, consulted, and understood.”

Alan Scott Holley

Performance Marketing, Brand Strategy, Social & Paid Media Expert, Avalara

Email  Marketing Benefits

It's Cost Effective

Compared to other forms of advertising, such as direct mail, in-person events, and tradeshows, Email Marketing campaigns are more affordable to execute and can deliver impressive results to large and segmented audiences around the globe. That’s good news for B2B businesses, as they typically have smaller budgets than B2C.


it's Personalizable

With so many stakeholders involved in the B2B sales cycle, it’s easy to miss the mark by overgeneralizing. That’s why segmentation is so important in B2B email marketing. By segmenting your audience into targeted groups, you can create personalized messaging that resonates with individual needs. 

It's Measurable

Key metric analysis and performance tracking take the guesswork out of email success. We run A/B tests and track metrics like opens, clicks, and engagement to see what worked and what didn’t to optimize and improve performance.

Atomic-Otter Icon-Automation

it Keeps Prospects engaged

Stay connected with automated nurture campaigns, and regular touch points that keep prospects connected to your brand, as you provide trusted resources that build credibility and move the needle toward closing the deal.

it Builds Brand Authority

B2B email campaigns establish brand authority by giving you complete control over your messaging. With regular communication and value offers, you position your brand as a trusted source, building credibility and fostering strong brand awareness.

It increases Revenue And ROI

With relatively low costs and the highest ROI of any other marketing channel, Email Marketing is the most powerful B2B marketing tool there is.  And with a return of $43 for every dollar spent, it not only pays for itself but fills up your pipeline along the way.

The breakdown

Here’s a handy reference guide for understanding email marketing channel acronyms.

B2B  (business-to-business) refers to businesses whose customers are other businesses. B2B marketing is about the needs, interests, and challenges of customers who are making purchases on behalf of their organization, not themselves.

B2C (business-to-consumer) marketing is for businesses whose customers are individual consumers, rather than professional buyers, and marketing is dedicated to the needs, interests, and challenges of people in their everyday lives.

DTC, or direct-to-consumer marketing” refers to marketing strategies used by businesses that sell their products directly to customers, avoiding middlemen resellers like department stores and third-party online retailers.

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Learn about B2B and B2C email marketing Differences

Check out our blog post, “Decoding B2C vs. B2B Email Marketing .”

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Email Services

Atomic Otter Icon Email _Copywriting


We write fresh copy that will engage your customers and prospects,  And we’ll happily incorporate your assets into your campaigns to leverage conversions.

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Email Template Design

Our designers will create and design on-brand templates for a variety of campaigns relevant to your business needs. Newsletters, welcome emails, product updates and more.

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Segmentation is a powerful way to personalize emails by dividing subscribers into smaller groups based on shared commonalities, so you can deliver the right content to the right people every time. Which makes you the trusted brand they want to see in their inboxes.

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Email Automation

Reach the right people with the right message at the right time with email automation. We’ll automate workflows that send email sequences based on the actions taken by your subscribers, to personalize their experiences.

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Testing & Rendering

Before we hit “send”, we’ll test your emails and newsletters for typos, formatting issues, design flaws, broken links, and more. Moreover, we test to ensure a great user experience through proper email rendering on multiple device types.

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Reporting & Insights

We’ll perform ongoing analyses that dig deep into campaign performance metrics such as engagement, conversions, subscriptions, list health, and more. These valuable insights help shape evolving strategies that are critical to growth.

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A/B Testing

Simply put, it’s a way to compare two versions of an email or web page against each other to see which one performs the best toward the goal. Should the subject line be funny? Or serious? Which colors are more engaging? A/B Testing is a tried and true method of finding these answers.

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Technical Setup & Support

Our tech team can help create a dedicated account for your organization with one of our partner ESPs and work with your IT team to integrate your email domain settings so we can safely do the job for you.

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b2b Challenges


Lengthy Sales Cycles

B2B sales can take 4-7 months on average. And 60% of B2B buyers say “NO” four times before they yes.

numerous touchpoints

The average B2B sale requires 7-10 high-quality touches from your company before you’ll be considered. It’s all about relationships.

Multiple decision makers

There are anywhere from 6-10 decision-makers who must reach an agreement before they get buy-in from execs.

complex negotiations

77% of B2B buyers found their most recent purchase “complex” or “very difficult”. Hmm, Too many decision makers?

b2b Solutions


B2B Marketers Solve B2B Sales Challenges

The best, and most effective B2B email marketing comes from experienced B2B email marketers. Why? We’ve been around the block enough times to anticipate B2B challenges, and have the right strategies in place to create highly effective B2B email campaigns and flows that inspire business buyers to take action.

B2B and B2C email marketing are worlds apart, so make sure your agency has the right experience for your audience.

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